Embracing Confidence as a Part of You

Embracing Confidence as a Part of You


Over the course of April, we sat down with a few women who are leaving remarkable marks in their respective industries ensuring their personal development is continuously poured into. It was beautiful to hear the stories of Mrs. Adeola Azeez, Tomi Ibirogba, Shide Ugbaje, and Tumi Erikitola who vulnerably shared their journeys towards confidence. We’ve decided to use this post to wrap up our series and share some key takeaways from our interviews with these women.

Across all interviews, remaining in the position of a learner was a recurring lesson. In our respective industries, whether we’ve entered them or we’re beginning to scratch the surface, it’s important humility is at the core of all we do. Asking for help and admitting you need to gain more knowledge in certain areas is not a weakness, but rather a strength.

As we learn to be open to the expertise of others, it’s important we give ourselves grace. Sometimes women are stifled by insecurity as the display of knowledge of others may be a breeding ground for insecurity. However, it’s important we remember to have confidence in what we know and remember everyone begins somewhere. Nobody wakes up and is suddenly well-versed. Curiosity in a topic area is a seed that constantly needs to be nurtured over time. Patience is always key.

Aside from this, it’s important we remain grounded in our faith in God. As we embark on pursuing careers and maximizing our potential, the grace of God is sometimes overlooked, and self-effort is glorified. However, it’s important to remember that when an industry is ordained for us, the prerequisite resources, connections, etc have already been placed there by God. Let this be your reminder to move with the unforced rhythms of grace.

Lastly, remember confidence is developed over time. Nobody wakes up one day and is suddenly confident. We have to put in the work of digging deep, asking ourselves difficult questions. Why do I struggle to believe in myself? Why do I get easily intimidated? From there, we can begin to retrace our steps back to the drawing board.

I hope this serves as a reminder that you are loved, seen, and chosen. You are a woman of value and an asset. Continue to nurture and develop yourself day by day. We hope this series met you where you are and we’ll see you in the next one soon.

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